LexisNexis® Telematics — Program Delivery

Usage-based insurance telematics - data that is filtered, contextualized and analyzed to provide driver risk scores consistent with your existing programs

Our services include many combinations of technology, application, logistics, deployment, operational support and data analytics, helping to empower you to deliver a full UBI program for your business.


One-stop-shop Telematics Based Insurance Program
Telematics insights matched to consumer risk are delivered across multiple technologies - including OEM, smartphone-only, hardwired and hybrid services that enable optimum data capture.

Improve Your Business with Consistent Data and Accurate Scores
Uniform program delivery and consistent, accurate scoring enable improved pricing, segmentation and risk management.

More Data at a Lower Cost
Get maximum data capture at lower costs across all premium segments. Enable profitable consumer growth and underwriting confidence through actionable analytics.

Flexible and Configurable Services
Choose between a standardized scoring model from our existing programs or design a configurable scoring built on the quality and consistency of our telematics platform and data management methodology.


Full Usage-based Insurance (UBI) Program Management
Leverage many combinations of our technology, application, logistics, deployment, operational support, and data analytics as part of your complete UBI program.

End-to- end or Componentized Operational Support
You can take advantage of a fully-managed service, delivered from one source, that harnesses our deep expertise gained from multiple successful deployments, or use portions of our offering at certain points within your UBI program.

Device-agnostic Driving Data Scoring
Your driving data can be sourced across multiple data source types while still enabling a consistent driving score.

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