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Collections and recovery solutions designed for every stage of your agency’s workflow

Government agencies are under pressure to do more with less — and yet still deliver efficient, responsive service. Success on both counts starts with program health and sustainability. To maximize revenue, LexisNexis Risk Solutions offers a range of Government Payment and Collection solutions. Zero in on current insights that drive greater results.

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Collections for Government Agencies | LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Payments and Collections Challenges We Address

In an average year, 35 million Americans move. Over 3 million change marital status. Over 50,000 applicants file for a name change. Keeping up with all of this seems like an impossible exercise, especially with manual tools. But if you don’t? Inaccurate, incomplete or old data can impede your collections progress. And maybe even result in compliance violations. 

We can help. Our industry-leading data on individuals and businesses, cross-referenced with our LexID® proprietary linking technology, delivers the current, complete insight you need to guide your collections efforts. 
  • Improve skip tracing and contact activities with faster access to phone numbers, addresses, emails, employers, relatives, associates and more. 
  • Solve challenges associated with aged debts, where 60% of debtor identities on record tend to be inaccurate. Our automated tools continue to monitor difficult to locate individuals, staying attuned to new addresses, phone numbers and other actions that change the public record. 
Industry-leading Data Repositories

Industry-leading Data Repositories

We have over 84B records from 10,000+ sources
Powerful Identity Resolution

Powerful Identity Resolution

Our LexID linking technology resolves down to a unique identity with 99.99% precision
Intuitive Prompts To Aid Investigations

Intuitive Prompts To Aid Investigations

“Next Steps” and “We Also Found” prompts point to additional relevant information that can better focus your search

$600 billion: That’s the estimated gap between tax liabilities and payments across government agencies in the U.S. Other unpaid debts such as public utility bills, parking tickets and speeding violations continue to rise. Realistically, with double-digit unemployment rates and thousands of commercial bankruptcies in 2020, millions of Americans may simply be unable to pay off debts anytime soon, if ever. To navigate this new reality, you need to properly prioritize your collections efforts.

Our Government Collections solutions help you access up-to-date, comprehensive information that can fuel better debt assessment and collection strategies. Details like:

  • bankruptcy, incarceration
  • whereabouts (living/deceased; military)
  • contact details
  • contact risk
  • and more.

Go beyond credit reports to better understand and segment accounts. Rank-order accounts and allocate resources based on ability and likelihood of payment, urgency, most viable collection method, and more. Not only that, gain clarity on whether to lean on third party collections to better optimize your internal resources. Our portfolio management capabilities help you get the best out of your collections contractors by having them focus on the segments that make the biggest difference to your agency and elected officials.

Leverage Behavioral Insights To Aid In Scoring

Leverage Behavioral Insights To Aid In Scoring

Access 33 billion public records from more than 2,000 sources to glean alternative insight into  propensity to repay 
Get Deeper Business Insight

Get Deeper Visibility Into Businesses

We have data on 25% more business and >60% more small businesses than other providers
Plan More Effective Outreach Efforts

Plan More Effective Outreach Efforts

Determine optimal communication channels, time to contact and settlement strategies
If you don’t know certain details about a debtor, you run the risk of illegal contact. Even the kind of data you use and the way you use it can run afoul of regulation. As a government agency, you’re held to a high standard for how you interact with constituents. But with a patchwork of Federal and state regulations, along with the rapid acceleration of data growth and change, it can be difficult to ensure compliance and support efficient, effective collections activities.

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions is a trusted leader in data-related regulation, with 40 years of data management and compliance expertise. 

We offer the industry’s only FCRA-regulated collections solution, Accurint® for Collections: Decisioning Workflow. Our solutions also help you comply with some of the other most common regulations such as Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA), Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), consumer privacy, bankruptcy collections and more.
Stay On Top Of Bankruptcy Cases

Stay On Top Of Bankruptcy Cases

Monitor important developments (i.e., filings, assets, dismissals, discharges, etc.) that affect your ability to collect
Get Visibility Into Identity Associated With A Phone Number

Get Visibility Into Identity Associated With A Phone Number

We combine phone and consumer content with identity, relationship and association linking to see every possible connection
Identify Active Military Accounts For Special Handling

Identify Active Military Accounts For Special Handling

Segment portfolio according to military status; speed SCRA due diligence; simplify processing; and ensure compliance

Government agencies sometimes lag  behind in using digital technology to improve collections efficiency and simplify the payments process for consumers. LexisNexis® Risk Solutions can help your agency move forward to offer more convenient and timely payment options.

Streamline your collections process with our automated payment solutions. Designed for government agencies of all sizes, they enable you to easily and securely accept consumer payments 24/7, without having to process an endless flow of bill payments. 

Transitioning to digital payments doesn’t have to be complicated. LexisNexis® Payment Solutions are fully customizable to integrate with your existing system, workflows and reporting needs. And they can greatly simplify some of your existing processes, such as enabling instant record updates and same-day settlement of fees, all while optimizing cash flow.

Allow consumers to make self-serve payments at their convenience for: 

- Fines
- Court fees
- Utility bills
License renewals

Personal taxes
Property taxes
Monthly payments
And much more

Making payments easier, helps citizens pay faster. With multiple payment platforms and services available, LexisNexis Payment Solutions can help you accept payment through a myriad of channels: 

  • Point of sale – Use terminals to accept electronic payments in person and directly link payments to your agency’s data.
  • Online – Take secure payments online by credit card, signature debit card, even personal or business electronic check.
  • Phone – Use pre-recording messages and instructions, have live representatives talk with callers, or accept interactive voice response (IVR) payments.
  • Kiosk  – A self-service kiosk allows customers to electronically make payments quickly and securely via touch-screen in English or Spanish.
  • Mobile – Securely accept electronic payments from your consumers’ mobile devices. 
  • Apple Pay and text – Coming soon!

Get real-time authorization/posting for all payment types and automatic customer e-mail receipts using our web-based VPS Consolidated Office System. We’ll also handle the credit card fees and chargebacks for you, as well as provide payment insights without delays.    

Our flexible, scalable payment solutions will seamlessly integrate with your back-office workflow system. The transition is fast and easy. You’ll have no disruption of service.

LexisNexis Payment Solutions are PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) Level 1 compliant and include full encryption. They follow the strictest security protocols supported by major credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover.  

We work with 2,800+ government agencies. Whether your agency is nationwide, statewide, countywide, local or independent, LexisNexis Payment Solutions can be tailored to your volume and specific requirements. You’ll be better able to keep up with demand and recover debt faster. Best of all, your citizens will enjoy a secure, seamless payment experience.

Join countless government agencies that have already benefited from our reliable and secure payment processing services. By adopting our cloud-based, full-service payment gateway solutions, your agency stays at the forefront of technology and can focus on what it does best -- providing excellent care and vital services to your citizens.

Streamline payments and reduce PCI scope

Allow consumers to make self-serve payments at their convenience and via their preferred method

Provide citizens with a secure, seamless payment experience

Streamline your collections process while optimizing cash flow with LexisNexis® Payment Solutions 

Automate payment processing of government fees

Collect payments of fees, utility bills, license renewals, taxes, court fees, citations and more!

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LexisNexis® Payment Solutions

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Collections Diagram

Improve collections outcomes across the collections continuum with a stronger debt recovery strategy. 
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LexisNexis® Collections and Recovery Solutions for Government Agencies

Start collecting debt that is owed to your agency more efficiently and effectively.

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