BNPL Credit Risk

Buy Now Pay Later Credit Risk Research Series

Challenging Perceptions and Understanding Opportunities of BNPL

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Uncover Key Insights Into the Shifting Landscape of BNPL

Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) is a financial tool that risk managers, technologists and marketers all feel they know deeply, but differently  ̶  and yet, experts across these fields still struggle to forecast its future.

Historically, BNPL has been met with skepticism from the lending industry. Despite continued concerns, BNPL’s rising popularity among consumers is increasingly hard to ignore. These contradictions make it ripe for research and exploration.

Through this series, we’ll explore multiple facets of the BNPL ecosystem to help separate fact from fiction, anticipate new challenges and identify potential opportunities to drive sustainable BNPL growth.
BNPL Credit Risk

What is the impact of BNPL across credit segments?

Gaining deeper insights into the BNPL user base could help the industry more broadly understand the impacts of BNPL and its potential to enable consumer access to financial services. 
Discover emerging insights into:

  • Consumer segments most likely to use BNPL
  • Leading drivers of adoption
  • Characteristics of BNPL consumers vs traditional credit applicants 

Read along as we take a comprehensive look at BNPL consumer behavior in this in-depth research series.

Download the briefings for unique BNPL insights.

Each briefing will cover a different aspect of the Buy Now, Pay Later conversation to deliver unique, timely insights about BNPL. 
First Party Debt Collections Report

Briefing 1: Gaining Clarity on the BNPL User Base

Breaking down myths about Buy Now, Pay Later though data analytics.
First Party Debt Collections Report

Briefing 2: A Fuller Picture of the BNPL User Base

A deeper dive into the characteristics of BNPL consumers and their key drivers of usage.
First Party Debt Collections Report

Briefing 3: Defining the Divide

Looking at risk differences across BNPL applicant profiles.

First Party Debt Collections Report

Briefing 4: Exploring Divergent Credit Paths

Diving into the surprising differences of regular BNPL applicants at both ends of the credit spectrum.

Download the latest research briefing

First Party Debt Collections Report

Briefing 5: Exploring the Constructive Potential of BNPL

Examining how the industry can improve its inclusive capabilities.

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