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Be Prepared To Address Misuse of Credit

Learn how consumers are engaging in this type of first-party fraud, and what you can do about it. 
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Misuse of Credit


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Credit misuse can be hard to detect

When an applicant uses their own credentials to apply for credit with no intent to repay, they could be putting your portfolio at risk. Consumers are increasing their demand for credit – and with increased demand comes increased risk for fraud that can be hard to detect before it happens.
With the help of alternative data insights, you can get a more complete view of applicants and their intentions. Learn how LexisNexis® RiskViewTM Credit Misuse can help you:
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Detect first-party fraud before it happens – at the application stage
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Add another layer of protection to existing credit risk assessment strategies
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Save time and resources addressing credit misuse
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Learn more about overcoming credit misuse.
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Protect yourself against credit misuse with alternative data insights

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