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ABA routing numbers

As Registrar of Routing Numbers for the American Bankers Association (ABA), LexisNexis Risk Solutions is responsible for the assignment of routing numbers in accordance with the ABA Routing Number Policy. Applicant institutions are subject to eligibility criteria outlined in the policy and must qualify based on those criteria. In order to apply for a routing number, a financial institution must submit the following to the Registrar:

  • Completed Routing Number Application and Agreement
  • Preliminary, or final, charter approval from the chartering agency (State Banking Department, OCC, NCUA etc.)
  • The application fee: see application for fees.

Upon receipt of the completed application form, charter approval and application fee, the Routing Number Application will take approximately two weeks to process. Please note that submitting incomplete information may delay processing.

Separate forms can be provided for:

  • Routing Number Transfer/Reinstatement Application
  • Electronic Transaction Identifier (ETI) Application
  • Routing Number Retirement Form (NOTE: this form must be completed by an officer of the institution to which the number is assigned)

Contact us to request your application forms:

Jean McCord
Phone: +1 847 933 8147

David Loor
Phone: +1 847 933 8148

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