Small Business Due Diligence Challenges and Solutions


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Overcome the challenges of small business due diligence.

Small business due diligence challenges and solutionsSmall businesses don’t have the same data footprint as large businesses. That means you need to leverage alternative data sources to get the information you need to fully assess potential partners.

In addition to assessing the business, you also need to look at the principals and owners. This information can be harder to find.

By leveraging alternative data on the business and the people behind the business, you can get the information you need to make informed decisions about the partners you bring on board. 

These critical data sources include:

  • Identity verification sources
  •  Court filings
  •  Financial data
  •  Assets and transaction histories
  •  Watch lists
  •  Sanctions
  •  Negative news
  •  Social media
  •  Customer feedback
  • And many more
When you’re equipped with the right information to make informed decisions about your small business partners, you can protect your company and take advantage of new, potentially profitable relationships.

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