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How Triaging Claims with Clarity Enables Faster Closed Claims

vehicle-history-blog What if I told you that you could fast-track claims with confidence, at the first notice of loss, with real-time data? Think of what you could do if you knew exactly the type of claim you were dealing with, as soon as your customer filed it. If you knew that, you would send the claim to where it needs to go from the onset. You would handle a straight-forward, non-injury claim with a different amount of effort and attention than you would a multi-party accident claim with injuries. And with the right data integrated at the first notice of loss and the ongoing staffing issues that have become commonplace, your adjusters would know what to do immediately.

I preach about claims triage often, and I do so because if you get this right, it can be transformative across your business. You know this, and you know where you need to focus your efforts. But getting there can be tricky.

We know data holds the key to setting everything into an accelerated motion. With the right elements fueling your models, adjusters can get details on parties and vehicles in a claim and then do something with that information.

Looking at external data about the insured, along with claims history and police report history can be telling. You may want to have a closer look at a claim involving someone with multiple recent PIP claims or negative public records. On the other hand, someone with little to no footprint may be one to identify for faster claims processing, elevating their customer experience without long hold times and delays, and freeing up adjusters to apply focus where it’s meaningful.

What would you do with that kind of real-time visibility into a claim? What would that mean for your adjusters? For your business? For the overall claims customer experience?

LexisNexis® Claims Clarity empowers decision-making by giving you the insights you need to fast track, triage or more closely review claims. Request a demo today and see Claims Clarity in action!