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The Monterey County Department of Child Support Services in California is responsible for providing service to over 425,000 citizens for a wide range of custodial and financial issues relating to children and families, including establishing, modifying and enforcing court orders to pay child support, collection and distribution of child and spousal support payments, locating absent parents, establishing paternity, and establishing and enforcing medical support and family support orders. It also examines accounts and generates reports when it finds money that needs to be disbursed, often resulting in payments to people whose cases have long since been closed. The agency serves a middle-class to upper middle-class demographic as well as a large migrant population.


  • The agency’s expansive, diverse caseload included complex investigations that demanded considerable resources and time.
  • Agency funding was cut, but expectations for operational efficiency and compliance remained high.
  • Investigators were pursuing cases using insufficient, incorrect or outdated information.


  • Leverage LexisNexis® Accurint® for Government in all investigations.
  • Preserve internal resources by empowering each child support officer to investigate cases more efficiently.
  • Identify and validate vital case information faster using in-depth public records data and our advanced data linking technology, LexID®.


  • Gain continuous return on investment, in terms of conserving manpower and other key resources.
  • Efficiently resolve cases with minimal information.
  • Increase resolution of Child Services cases that overlap with other agencies.

Next Steps

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