Explore ways to improve global supply chain visibility into the risks for corruption

Prioritize supply chain visibility and protect your bottom line.

Explore this infographic to see how structured risk intelligence can improve global supply chain visibility and help you balance corporate responsibilities with core business objectives.

Strengthen Supply Chain Visibility and Reduce Risk


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Improve supply chain visibility with structured risk intelligence 

Explore ways to improve global supply chain visibility
Optimal global supply chain visibility plays an integral role in sustainable business operations and your overall success. Globalization significantly increases supply chain complexity and creates multiple opportunities to introduce risk into your supply chain. How can prioritizing the integrity of your global supply chain enable your business to effectively preserve corporate values and protect your bottom line?

This infographic highlights why global supply chain visibility is so vital to sustainable success by walking through the risks and obstacles that are inherent to operating in a global economy. Learn how structured risk intelligence can help strengthen the integrity of your global supply chain and solidify risk visibility across the entire product lifecycle.  

Look into recent statistics that illustrate the current supply chain climate, including:

  • More than half of apparel and agricultural companies were found not to meet expectations on preventing child labor in their supply chain1
  • Fewer than a third of supply chain executives looked to address corruption and bribery issues with their suppliers2
  • It’s estimated that customs clearance adds about $185 for each day delayed to the cost of a consignment, which facilitates a favorable environment for bribery and corruption3
  • 41% of influencers responding to a survey say they only label their endorsements with the FTC-mandated hashtags when they’re explicitly asked, while 7% never label their content at all.4

Walk through the potential for exposure to bribery, corruption, human rights and environmental risks by detailing key considerations for each stage of the product lifecycle:

  • Foundations (Factory, Staffing and Utilities)
  • Raw Materials (Suppliers)
  • Distribution (Shipping and Customs)
  • Ancillary (Agents, Reputation and Associations)

Effective supply chain due diligence helps businesses better balance corporate responsibilities with core business objectives by enabling them to:

  • Improve corporate citizenship
  • Reinforce goodwill among customers and shareholders
  • Prevent exposure to costly fines and reputational damage
  • Minimize long-term impact on business continuity and shareholder value

Strengthening supply chain fundamentals and improving global supply chain visibility can positively impact overall business operations. It provides a deeper look into the ethical standards and consumer and shareholder expectations that are a part of operating in today’s increasingly global marketplace. The infographic details why supply chain issues rooted in bribery and corruption take a significant toll on the global economy, humankind and the environment and how the responsibility to help prevent them begins with your business. Take the next step toward stronger global supply chain visibility with insights from our infographic.

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