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No matter what direction your investigations and due diligence process takes you, support it all using a single source.

Achieving more efficient investigations starts with single source access to robust, accurate and timely data.  Your business demands an efficient route to meaningful insights and trustworthy outputs to accelerate deeper due diligence and support informed decisions.

Our Investigations and Due Diligence solutions connect you to comprehensive identity and business intelligence so you can resolve the case quickly and efficiently. 

  • Verify – Reliable identity verification is at the core of every successful investigation.  Our solutions are built on the foundation of industry-proven identity information to strengthen the efficacy of your investigation from the start. With 95% coverage of the U.S. adult population, we can resolve to a unique identity 99.6% of the time. This enables us to verify the reliability of a subject’s identity and uncover additional identity details including, address, phone number, employment, associated individuals or businesses in their network and more.
  • Investigate – Our solutions help uncover complex relationships, associations and affiliations to identify subtle indicators of risk.  We leverage thousands of data sources delivered via a single streamlined interface, enabling you to quickly pursue lines of investigation and backtrack or pivot as necessary.  We provide in-depth data that reveals financial standing, assets, employment history, court and agency records, civil suits, tax liens, judgments and more. We can also quickly leverage a nationwide network of court retrieval specialists to support on-the-ground public records searches.
  • Due Diligence – Protecting against financial and reputational risk starts with deeper due diligence. Our solutions combine unmatched resource scale and scope with daily updates and flexible searching to deliver better due diligence results. Our proven public records and alternative data coverage gives you the power to make well- informed decisions by drilling down into detailed information including, business ownership structure, affiliated persons or businesses, and background data such as, public records, watch lists, adverse media and more. 

Drive more efficient investigations and due diligence that support well-informed decisions to protect your business and your clients. Contact us to learn how our robust data insights and superior linking capabilities support every step of an effective investigations and due diligence workflow.


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