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Gain insights into people and organizations before making decisions.

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Organizations today transact globally, which offers opportunities to scale more quickly and increase revenue. But the ability to interact with people and corporations internationally is not without risk.

Businesses need to protect their reputation and comply with regulatory requirements. They look to investigators to help identify potential risks and uncover hidden opportunities. They want answers to questions such as:
  • Is self-reported information from a prospective merger or acquisition company accurate?
  • What are the risks associated with a potential business deal?
  • What compliance issues might come into play before completing a transaction?
  • Is it safe to conduct business with a potential vendor?
  • Are your customers who they say they are?
  • Have customers been fully vetted for Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) initiatives?

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions can help you answer these questions and more. Whether your organization is a private investigation firm, a financial institution, or any entity conducting cross-border work, our solutions can provide you with meaningful data insights.

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Uncover hidden risks and connections
Conduct enhanced due diligence
Fast access to court records

Uncover Unique Connections for More Effective Due Diligence
Get fast, reliable insight into the individuals and companies with which you do business.

Streamline Your Business Risk Assessments
Conduct a robust investigation of customers and potential partners for merger and acquisition.

Targeting Investigation Firms
Perform court record research using a single litigation intelligence source coupled with our court record retrieval services for documents not available online.

Our solutions automate investigations due diligence searches and bring together critical details to surface risks. They accelerate and extend the reach of your investigation process, giving you more time to analyze the data and develop more refined recommendations.

Our array of investigative tools help you to:
  • Quickly access pertinent information
  • Identify and locate people and businesses
  • Uncover assets
  • Detect fraud
  • Visualize connections
  • Understand complex relationships
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