Harnessing Predictive Telematics Data to Deliver Actionable Insights

How are data scientists helping auto insurers navigate shifts in driving behavior with telematics data?
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Harnessing Predictive Telematics Data


Driving Data Science for Automakers and Insurers: When Miles, Identity and Money Matter

The auto insurance industry is heavily dependent on insights gleaned from data, especially within underwriting and ratings. To make better decisions about coverage and risk, auto insurers can leverage the growing amount of telematics data within their existing rating programs to create more effective predictive models that keep pace with shifts in driving behavior.

In her presentation at the General Motors (GM) Women’s Summit, Lisa Greenberg, Lead Data Scientist for the U.S. Connected Car team at LexisNexis Risk Solutions, shares how telematics data is that next data set that can significantly boost auto insurers’ rating programs with added lift and improved risk assessment. Lisa covers how insurers can leverage telematics data such as speed, mileage, braking, etc. to help provide more precise pricing and personalized experience to their customers.

Watch the recording of Lisa Greenberg’s Summit presentation below as she shares details on the following three topics:

  1. The evolution of auto insurance and connected vehicles
  2. COVID-19’s impact on driving behavior
  3. The predictive power of telematics data

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