Identity Access Management Solutions for Insurance

Everything you need to manage identity risk, all in one place
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LexisNexis Identity Access Management Solutions for Insurance

Say "Yes" with Confidence

Now you can say yes to safe transactions while easily identifying and acting on the riskier ones. Strong identity access management (IAM) is crucial to protecting your business and your customers against cybercriminals. Our IAM solutions help ensure you are interacting with a genuine identity when a prospect or customer makes an inquiry.

Through the LexisNexis® ID Compass Platform, we offer a multi-layered IAM approach that combines digital intelligence technology with a robust suite of identity verification and authentication solutions.

People IAM

  Delight customers and prospects with a seamless
  omni-channel experience

IAM identify risk

  Identify risk from first contact through renewal

IAM Privacy Regulations

  Comply with evolving privacy regulations while
  maintaining efficient operations

Featured Solutions

LexisNexis® ThreatMetrix®
Combine offline behavior with online transaction insights to confirm identities, prevent fraud and provide a seamless customer experience. Leverage insights based on 1.4 billion unique digital identities and dynamic intelligence from 75 million daily transactions for smarter, more streamlined authentication and improved protection against fraud and cybercrime.

LexisNexis® InstantID®
Get instant identity verification that includes score and risk indicators, helps detect data discrepancies and provides a more accurate picture of risk. InstantID quickly searches billions of public records and alerts you to potential mis-keys, fraud, discrepancies and any alternative addresses and phone numbers.

LexisNexis® InstantID® Q&A
Authenticate identities in real time with minimal friction. Leverage identity insights from billions of proprietary records, then combine analytics with authentication to deliver improved identity proofing. Our dynamic decisioning engine helps make your IAM program more efficient while enhancing the customer experience.

LexisNexis® Phone Finder with One-Time Password
Simplify the authentication process and make faster decisions based on robust phone metadata and time-sensitive, unique random passcodes delivered via SMS message, email or voice call. Phone Finder with One Time Password combines leading phone content and extensive phone metadata with the industry’s largest repository of identity information to deliver relevant, rank-ordered connections between phones and identities as well as easy customer authentication.

Prevent Fraud and Provide a Better Customer Experience Through Dynamic, Real-time Identity Authentication

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