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Carriers are increasingly challenged to identify the best prospects for their business from among the millions of potential customers in the marketplace. LexisNexis ProspectBase refines this process, helping you perform timely prospecting from among the right audience for your offerings. Find out how in this video.

There are millions of potential commercial insurance prospects out there and many different ways of identifying them. One of the challenges is finding the prospects that best match your offerings and expertise. It’s not always easy and some sources don’t provide all of the information you need to make a strong first impression with a customer. For example, calling a company that renewed policies last week won’t get you very far if they aren’t in the market to change carriers. Another challenge is finding the right person to talk to. It can take forever!

With LexisNexis ProspectBase you can get key timing and prospect information for certain states , which is based on worker’s comp policy data, and this will help narrow your prospect search to only those prospects that meet your underwriter’s appetite for risk.

(See video for more...)

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