Provider Data Management Strategy

Provider Data Enhancements can be used to clean, update and augment provider files as a part of your provider data strategy.

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As healthcare remains in a constant state of change, one thing that continues to be imperative is up-to-date information on healthcare providers. Administrative provider data is essential to keeping our healthcare ecosystem going from operational costs to patient care, almost every aspect of a patient’s journey is impacted by accurate or lack of provider data.

Maintaining current contact licensing and affiliation data is the cornerstone of sound provider data management. The task can be overwhelming. Twenty-five percent of provider information changes annually and 29,000 prescribers change their address each month.  All of that change accounts for large amounts of missing or inaccurate information. The right provider data management system can help keep provider information current to keep essential healthcare workflows intact.

Watch our video to learn more about the positive impact a sound provider data management strategy and solution can have on your business and on the entire healthcare system.

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