Staying Compliant with Your Litigation Strategy

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With the high amount of regulation in the credit and collection industry, it's more important than ever to have a strong strategy in place if you're in the practice of litigating collection accounts. We have all seen the heightened attention the CFPB is paying to litigating collection accounts, determining meaningful involvement, and assuring accuracy in balances and details of the account.

Whether you have an in-house process, you outsource to a collection litigation attorney or you are a collection litigation firm, you will benefit from hearing experts Dave Warshaw of Pressler and Pressler and Todd Gurstel of Gurstel Chargo as they talk about:

  • The suit decision process
  • Meaningful attorney involvement
  • Proper service
  • Documentation and verification
  • And many other useful tips for staying compliant when litigation is involved in your collection process.