Verify Prescriptions with VerifyRx

Learn how VerifyRx is used to confidently verify prescriptions as part of the pharmacy workflow.

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Validating prescriptions is a complicated process made difficult by frequent regulatory changes, complex prescriptive authority rules, increased DEA scrutiny, licensure inconsistencies and more. But the risk of unpaid claims, fines and negative patient outcomes is too great to ignore.

LexisNexis VerifyRx is responsible for verifying more than 90% of the prescriptions written in the United States. This pharmacy workflow solution helps mitigate the risk of unpaid prescription claims, fines and adverse patient outcomes. VerifyRx also provides unparalleled audit defense and a growing list of data checks to keep your pharmacy complaint.

VerifyRx is built to handle millions of real-time prescription transactions and prescriber verifications a day.

Watch our video to learn how this solution can become part of a streamlined pharmacy workflow and empower confident pharmacy decision-making.

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