Alternative Credit Decision Tools Webinar

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The last few years have brought a wealth of changes for the lending market. As a result, card issuers and lenders are looking for new ways to break into untapped markets, and are fast realizing that all borrowers—even those with “prime” credit histories—are not created equal.

The once-standard approach to credit evaluations using only traditional credit data is no longer sufficient—and this is exactly where the predictive value of alternative data comes in. Register now to hear findings from this first-ever study to bring together LexisNexis® and industry data with lender and consumer attitudes about using alternative data to improve lending decisions.

Listen as we discuss how to grow beyond saturated “prime” markets to reach responsible underserved consumers, how alternative solutions reduce manual underwriting time, chargeoffs, cost and risk, and gain iInsights, attitudes, usage trends and results from actual lenders and consumers

Presented by Ankush Tewari, Director of Strategy and Market Planning and Al Pascual, Senior Analyst of Security, Risk and Fraud Javelin Strategy & Research