Building your CFPB Compliance Management System Webinar

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In fact, the very first sentence in the CFPB's Examination Procedures for Debt Collections states: "These examination procedures apply to larger participants in the consumer debt collection market defined by 12 CFR 1090.105 and other entities within the supervisory authority of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) to the extent that they seek to collect debt from consumers." So no matter what your size, you need to have your Compliance Management System (CMS) in place.

While many companies already have their CFPB compliance management system in place, many more are struggling with the enormity of the requirements surrounding what you must have in place for your CMS.

To help wade through the requirements of your system, hear key insights and best practices from Linda Straub-Jones, LexisNexis Director Market Planning – Compliance, and John Bedard, Esq., an industry expert in ARM Compliance.