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Insights on addressing provider directories, outreach, contracting and network adequacy through a provider data exchange hub.

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As the healthcare sector moves toward value-based reimbursement and bundled care, payers rely on accurate provider information, as well as flexibility in establishing provider affiliations. At the heart of our healthcare system, provider information, when inaccurate, drives inefficiency and avoidable administrative strain and costs. More importantly, it keeps patients from receiving the care they need from the right doctors. Although accountability falls to the payer, payers depend on getting much of the information they need from the provider organizations.

Multiple stakeholders — across payers, providers, pharmacies and life sciences organizations — have a need for high-quality information and already maintain information about providers. They require a sustainable model to keep up with changes and make better use of their existing data, and this is possible with a provider data exchange hub.

Watch this webinar to understand the promise that a provider data exchange hub holds as it relates to solving one of the healthcare industry’s greatest challenges: provider data management. Learn from experts how this data exchange hub facilitates the exchange of provider information, monitoring for changes in near real-time and pushing those updates to the stakeholders that need them. Leveraged appropriately, this technology can help automate efforts, create transparency and reduce friction between health plans and providers.

Watch this webinar recording, then download our Executive Brief to:

  • Explore how a provider data exchange hub can help payers tap the full potential of available data and provide the right care and the best experience for patients.
  • Hear discussion related to the standardization of provider data exchange.
  • Understand the nuances between a broad and smart approach to provider data management through the provider data exchange hub.

For More Information

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E-Brief: New Model for Provider Data
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Infographic: Provider Directories  What's Next for Provider Data Exchange?
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