Auto Insurance Quote Manipulation White Paper

Our research suggests that up to 8% of new shopping events could be subject to auto insurance quote manipulation

 Being able to identify instances of auto insurance quote manipulation can give you the upper hand. Knowing, at point of quote, that information has been changed—and to what extent—can support a more holistic understanding of the risk so you can make more informed decisions, charge a premium that reflects the risk and restore profitability.

Our new research shows that there are two sources of quote manipulation that insurance carriers should pay attention to: consumer-led and agent-led. And while there are many avenues for quote manipulation of both types, our analysis has zeroed in on two instances where carriers may see better ROI.

Without addressing quote manipulation, carriers aren’t getting a full picture of the risk associated with new business. This research provides clarity and focus to help confidently address quote manipulation and it highlights real opportunities to put into practice now.

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