Commercial Data Prefill

Commercial Data Prefill

Help reduce human error, improve customer experience and increase overall profitability.
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Bringing a Personal Touch to Commercial Lines

Things change quickly in this digital, data-driven world. How can commercial insurance carriers keep up with the evolving market, meet customer expectations and improve profitability?

Commercial insurance underwriting has traditionally been a manual process, sometimes laden with multiple rounds of information-gathering between the agent and the customer. 

However, customers are used to more automated and digitally interactive transactions in their daily lives. And many of them even expect their purchase of commercial insurance to mirror these experiences.

Using a prefill solution in commercial insurance can enable you to streamline the quoting process and expedite underwriting time to better meet these customer expectations.

By leveraging prefill capabilities to improve the ease of doing business for all stakeholders—customer, agent and underwriter—you can improve profitability and gain/maintain customers as the carrier of choice.

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