Commercial Portfolio Risk Management Doesn’t Stop
with Underwriting

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Risk profiles change over time, leaving carriers vulnerable to losses they did not anticipate at point of underwriting. However, up until recently, staying abreast of changing profiles was costly and labor intensive. Now, with active commercial portfolio risk management, commercial lines carriers can stay up-to-date on changing risks to more effectively and easily manage risk across their business. Learn more in this whitepaper.

Leading carriers have already incorporated driver-based rating factors and an automated loss-history database to enable faster, better underwriting decisions. But what happens after a policy has been underwritten and issued? Unfortunately, many carriers aren’t able to efficiently detect or respond to changes in an insured’s risk profile. Commercial portfolio risk management can change that.

Carriers that actively monitor risk events can learn about changes to an insured’s risk profile when it happens—not at point of renewal, or point of claim. Market solutions are available today to help carriers monitor risks, so they have a current, comprehensive understanding of each policy within their book of business. Equally important, having an up-to-date picture of each insured enables carriers to offer more tailored service and proactive advice—to become more than a carrier, but a trusted business advisor. In an increasingly commoditized industry, this ability to offer personalized service can be a key differentiator.

(See whitepaper for more…)