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OIG Criminal Investigative & Analysis Solutions

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Streamline OIG Criminal Investigations and Generate Actionable Leads

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Criminal Investigative & Analysis Solutions & Services Suite, including our Accurint® product suite, leverage vast amounts of data and advanced analytics to help Offices of Inspectors General (OIGs) with critical investigations. They also facilitate cross-jurisdictional collaboration with powerful information sharing and data fusion tools.

Our vast data sets include 83+ billion public records and 100+ million law enforcement data records, such as:

  • 27B insurance records
  • 22B consumer records
  • 12B unique consumer names/addresses
  • 8B property records
  • 1B bankruptcy records

One Powerful Suite for Precise and Superior Investigative Results 

  • Accurint® Virtual Crime Center
  • Accurint® Virtual Crime Center is a leading investigative tool that gives the ability to link cross-jurisdictional data quickly and efficiently in urgent situations. This investigative solution combines identity data and nationwide law enforcement data with your data in one powerful search, building a comprehensive profile of an individual, location, and incident to reveal connections.
  • Accurint® TraX™
  • Accurint® TraX™ allows investigators to quickly conduct pattern of life analysis by putting automated, data enhanced, call detail record analysis at the fingertips of any investigator. This solution saves you valuable time by combining public records and law enforcement data with device geolocation analysis.
Download our LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Criminal Investigative & Analysis Solutions & Services Suite brochure for more details about how our tools can help your agency.



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