Loan Growth In a New Economy: It’s Time To Turn Over a New Leaf

U.S. banks received good news in 2016: Consumer lending not only continued its march upwards1 but delinquencies were on the decline. Midyear results from the American Bankers Association showed that overdue payments decreased from fourth-quarter 2015 in 7 of 11 individual loan categories.2

But a bright picture can blind one to the glaring realities. The truth is that these are still tough times for lenders. The landscape is changing in ways that can drastically impact the health and sustainability of your loan portfolio.

1Federal Reserve Economic Data, “Consumer Loans at All Commercial Banks,” as of September 2016

2American Bankers Association press release, “Consumer Delinquencies Fall in 7 of 11 Categories in First Quarter,” July 7, 2016

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