Avoid Costly and Dangerous Patient Identification Errors

Properly link patient records to avoid errors caused by duplicate records.

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patient identificationPatient identification errors can jeopardize patient safety and raise healthcare costs. LexisNexis can help providers avoid these issues by properly linking patient data to avoid errors from duplicate records.

Patient identification errors and duplicate records jeopardize patient safety and raise healthcare costs. They can lead to incorrect diagnosis and treatment, redundant tests and services, unnecessary hospitalizations and productivity loss. Adding the wrong test result to a patient record in an EHR can impact multiple patients, putting your healthcare organization and staff at risk.  This not only impacts a healthcare organizations bottom line, but can put a patient’s health in jeopardy, leading to incorrect or unnecessary treatment.

Patient record interoperability presents another obstacle to linking health data and correctly identifying patients. Electronic medical records from disparate sources are often non-compatible, making data exchanges across different health systems and providers complicated. Data exchanges across different health systems is complicated and rarely achieved without the help of a third party data partner.  In the 21st century, this data exchange is critical to reduce the mistakes caused by duplicate records.

Most healthcare providers lack the technology and resources to aggregate medical records data across care delivery systems to avoid duplicate records. They can, however, leverage third party data companies to cleanse the records of errors and duplicates. Then, using sophisticated linking technology, they can analyze records from multiple sources and connect records common to a single individual.  This provides the healthcare organization with a single view of that patient, aligning all records to the correct person.

LexisNexis can help healthcare providers mitigate patient identification errors caused by duplicate records by confidently identifying and linking patients with their health records across healthcare delivery systems. Download our white paper to learn how our data and technology can mitigate the risk of duplicate records to your healthcare organization.

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