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A New Approach to Fraud Risk Assessment

Fraud Intelligence white paper

As more transactions move online and the digital transformation of the marketplace accelerates, identity fraud is flourishing. Just as your customers appreciate the ability to transact online quickly, easily and across multiple channels, so do bad actors. And the anonymity of faceless interactions only makes online transactions even more appealing to them.

As the digital transformation continues to unfold at a fast pace, your enterprise needs to be on point to defeat fraud. Failure to fortify your defenses is an invitation to sophisticated fraudsters and interconnected fraud networks to aggressively target your business.

In this white paper, we explain why organizations need to take a close look at their fraud prevention measures and evaluate whether they’re keeping pace. Static fraud solutions and one-dimensional authentication approaches don’t provide a complete picture. To effectively prevent fraud, you need a multi-dimensional view of identity risk.

The white paper demonstrates how a more comprehensive view of identity can enable your business to capture and reject more fraudulent applications, keeping them from your customer ecosystem.

Learn more about LexisNexis® Fraud Intelligence and how taking a new approach to fraud risk assessment can significantly improve your ability to detect fraud in our latest white paper.

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