The OIG gave MFCUs the legal right to mine Medicaid data. 
LexisNexis® can provide the tools to do it right. 

stethoscopeFor Medicaid Fraud Control Units (MFCUs), the fight against Medicaid fraud is on the verge of a quantum leap forward. The potential for advancements in Medicaid program integrity gained considerable momentum in May of 2013 when the Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General (HHS OIG) enacted new legislation. For the first time, this legislation permits MFCUs to mine Medicaid data in order to detect indicators of Medicaid fraud. Now that MFCUs have the legal right to mine Medicaid data, the question becomes, how can they transform the data into actionable fraud detection intelligence? LexisNexis® has the answer—Intelligent Investigator™.

Download this white paper to learn more about how LexisNexis Intelligent Investigator™ can help your MFCU detect and prevent Medicaid fraud.