Assessing the Value of Provider Data Accuracy

How confident are you in the provider data accuracy fueling your health system?

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provider data accuracyMaintaining provider data accuracy is critical to prevent operating inefficiencies and sub-optimal networks that cost hospitals and health systems potentially millions of dollars each year.  Although provider data accuracy is a necessity, health systems and hospitals are caught up handling daily operations and responding to urgent needs that take priority at the moment.   The task of managing and maintaining provider data accuracy is both complex and time-consuming.  Often hospitals don't realize the prevalence of poor provider information in their own databases or the impact it has on efficiency, regulation compliance and quality care. 

Collecting and maintaining provider data accuracy requires a consistent, automated process due to the constantly changing demographics, affiliations, locations, specialties and licenses of providers.  Healthcare systems and hospitals need a solution that updates and reconciles their existing data.

Download our white paper today to learn more about the silent threat of inaccurate provider data on hospitals and health systems. 

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