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Take Control Of Driving Risk Changes

Take Control of Driving Risk Changes

How has your auto risk exposure changed over the last few years?

Driving behavior has changed dramatically in the last few years, resulting in changing risk profiles. Consequently, it may be time to rethink the way you are using driver violation data.

Certain violation types aren’t as correlated to increased loss cost as you might expect. Our new white paper identifies which driving violations could have the most impact on predicting future risk and how it could impact your renewal profitability.

Key insights reveal:

  • The rate of extreme speeding violations is increasing
  • Some minor violations aren’t so minor Assumptions about DUIs might need to be re-assessed
  • Variations in risk levels by state add complexity
  • Real data insights can drive renewal profitability.

Insurers that are looking at their book of business with a pre-COVID lens may be missing opportunities to underwrite and price risk more effectively. Utilize these insights to understand how your book has changed over the past few years, and evaluate how you are using violation data for rating and underwriting at renewal. 

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