The Value of Social Determinants of Health Data

Social determinants of health data turn potential into actual value.

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Up until recently, socioeconomic data wasn’t part of the conversation on how best to improve health outcomes. Where people live, learn, work and play – commonly known as social determinants of health (SDOH), are today, considered essential factors for gaining a more complete picture of members – revealing how members’ daily lives impact their mental and physical health. health outcomes 

LexisNexis conducted a webinar earlier this year and polled over 650 health plan and provider attendees regarding social determinants of health data. Questions examined what is needed to deliver success with social determinants of health and how innovation can impact quality goals and health outcomes while simultaneously reducing costs and improving overall member experience.

This white paper provides those key insights and also debunks several of the myths associated with social determinants of health. Findings from this white paper include the need for more education in the community about preventative care and interventions like wellness programs to improve overall health outcomes.

Download our white paper today for more insights from our webinar and poll regarding integration of social determinants of health into health plans goals of better care management.