Vehicle Owner Engagement: The Foundation to Customer Connections

Enhancing Vehicle Owner Relationships

In July of 2023, consumer research* was conducted to uncover opportunities for enhancing the vehicle ownership experience by better understanding vehicle owners’ expectations. Based on the survey, three stages were uncovered to extend better customer relationships across the vehicle ownership lifecycle:

  1. Owner Engagement: Automakers should actively engage current vehicle owners to better establish a strong foundation for ongoing relationships. Knowing and connecting with existing vehicle owners lays the groundwork for more sustained engagement.
  2. Owner Experience: Improved visibility into vehicle ownership information helps automakers create a more seamless digital experience both within and beyond the dealership. Balancing the ease of use with reliability in owner interactions is crucial to meet owner expectations.
  3. Owner Enrichment: By leveraging enhanced data strategies, automakers can help enhance owner loyalty and provide additional value within these relationships.

This report will focus on the first stage, Owner Engagement.

Key insights reveal:

  • Used vehicle owners commonly expect to be contacted by their automaker after purchasing their vehicle, even when purchased from an independent dealer or private party.
  • Used vehicle owners appreciate a variety of outreach communication topics.
  • Email and direct mail are the most expected communication channels for automakers to utilize when contacting used vehicle owners.
  • Three in four used vehicle purchasers who bought or leased a vehicle from an independent dealer or private party are open to having service or repairs done at a dealer.

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*A total of 2,227 surveys were completed between July 6-24, 2023. The online panel sample was managed to ensure a representative sample.

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