Auto Insurance Compliance Solutions

Confidently navigate the changing regulatory landscape with solutions that help keep you compliant so you can focus on your business.

Auto Insurance Compliance Solutions


Gain peace of mind - and efficiency - with advanced analytics that support compliance with state-mandated reporting requirements and global know-your-customer
laws and regulations.

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Simplify third-party notifications to decrease expenses and reduce compliance risk.


LexisNexis® Automobile Liability Insurance Reporting System (ALIRtS)
Automates mandatory automobile liability coverage reporting to state motor vehicle departments (DMVs). ALIRtS analyzes data contributed to the LexisNexis® Current Carrier database in real-time to identify reportable policy changes and deliver them to the state on your behalf. Additionally, the LexisNexis ALIRtS team monitors states for any legislative changes to help customers reduce compliance risk.

LexisNexis® Financial Institution Reporting System (FIRSt)
Analyzes data contributed to LexisNexis to identify policy changes that require a loss payee notice. These notices are then aggregated and delivered to financial institutions and other third parties to reduce your notification costs and promote compliance. Using our proprietary lender database, the FIRSt team researches any returned mail to attempt redelivery.
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Verify essential information about people, businesses, and assets to simplify due diligence, reduce risk and stay compliant with global anti-money laundering (AML) regulations.


LexisNexis® Bridger Insight® XG
Specifically designed to help insurance companies conduct due diligence, comply with OFAC and U.S. Patriot Act regulations and reduce fraud risks more efficiently and cost-effectively—all through a single platform.
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Insurers need to navigate an increasingly stringent regulatory environment and keeping abreast of developments means diverting focus from other activities. Investing in a robust, exhaustive and streamlined compliance program can help you foster a culture of compliance so you can do business with confidence.