HPCC Systems®

End to end big data in a massively scalable supercomputing platform.

HPCC Systems® from LexisNexis® Risk Solutions is a proven, open source solution for big data insights that can be implemented by businesses of all sizes. With HPCC Systems, developers can design applications with Big Data at their core, enabling businesses to better analyze and understand data at scale, improving business time to results and decisions. HPCC Systems offers a consistent data-centric programming language, two processing platforms and a single, complete end-to-end architecture for efficient processing.

HPCC Systems: A powerful, open source big data analytics platform

Two integrated clusters, a declarative programming language, and a standards-based web services platform form the basis of this comprehensive, massively scalable big data solution.

HPCC Systems incorporates a software architecture implemented on commodity shared-nothing computing clusters to provide high-performance, data-parallel processing and delivery for applications utilizing big data. The HPCC Systems platform includes system configurations to support both parallel batch data processing (Thor) and high-performance data delivery applications using indexed data files (ROXIE). It also includes a high level and implicitly parallel data-centric declarative programming language for parallel data processing, called Enterprise Control Language (ECL).

Key Features:

  • Fast performance
  • Easy to deploy and use
  • Scale from small to Big Data
  • Rich API for Data Preparation, Integration, Quality Checking, Duplicate Checking etc.
  • Parallelized Machine Learning Algorithms for distributed data
  • Real-time Query and Search with support for SQL, JSON, SOAP and XML
  • Free support via detailed documentation, video tutorials, forums and direct contact 

Learn more at  www.hpccsystems.com

Platform Features:

ETL Engine (Thor)

Extract Transform and Load your data using a powerful scripting language (ECL) specifically developed to work with data.

data management tools icon

Data Management Tools

Data Profiling, Data Cleansing, Snapshot Delta Updates and consolidation, Job Scheduling and automation are some of the key features. 

queery engine icon

Query Engine (ROXIE)

An index based search engine to perform real-time queries. SOAP, XML, REST, and SQL are all supported interfaces.

predictive modeling tools icon

Predictive Modeling Tools

In place (supporting distributed linear algebra) predictive modeling functionality to perform Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Decision Trees, and Random Forests.