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Leverage Optimal Business Data To Make More Profitable Decisions

Optimize your view of small businesses with high-quality data and analytics.
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LexisNexis® Business Data Management


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Make more profitable decisions throughout the lifecycle of the business

Maintaining reliable information on businesses — and individuals associated
with businesses — is challenging. Ensuring you have the highest quality data
is the key to gaining the insights you need to make confident business decisions.

LexisNexis ® Business Data Management delivers the comprehensive data and advanced
analytics necessary to uncover actionable insights and drive profitable decision-making
at every stage of the business relationship.

Build and maintain a foundation of quality data



Standardize disparate
data element formats


Accurately resolve entities;
delineate between consumer
and business records


Connect and aggregate records
from disparate databases
across the enterprise via LexID ®
linking technology



Leverage our comprehensive
referential database to obtain accurate
data that has been triangulated
across multiple sources

Maintain more accurate data with automated monitoring,
alerts to changes and periodic data refreshes

Business Data Management optimizes outcomes

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Improve operational

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Keep pace with rapidly changing
business data

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Strengthen compliance

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Improve business

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Enhance the
customer experience

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Reduce fraud with better
identity and entity resolution

Learn how you can
gain an optimized view
of small businesses

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