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Evaluate businesses within your jurisdiction to uncover revenue by combining big data, analytics and business intelligence. Discovers businesses at risk, evaluates vendors and finds potential revenue owed by businesses.

LexisNexis® data and analytics expose businesses that have risk, evaluates the integrity of businesses in your network, and flags unpaid taxes or missing licenses and permits so they can be investigated and brought into compliance.

Businesses are complex and dynamic. They’re constantly changing. Keeping track of their locations, owners, officers, assets, regulation compliance and tax payments is a monumental task for federal, state and local agencies.

LexisNexis® Business Integrity Solution is an innovative, adaptive business intelligence platform that facilitates business entity searches. It arms government agencies with the advanced data, linking and analytics capabilities they need to
 verify the risk of a business; detect and investigate business non-compliance, such as unpaid taxes, fraud or missing licenses and permits; and collect payments owed by businesses within their jurisdiction. By uncovering connections and providing near real-time results, agencies are empowered to make knowledge-based decisions and take swift action.

Featured Capabilities

Nationwide Data Exchange
LexisNexis® Business Integrity Solution is an exclusive business data exchange that combines search results from billions of public records linked to data from your agency across the U.S. You get an all-inclusive, national view of a business entity through a single, powerful, web-based platform in seconds.

Advanced Data Linking Technology 
Automated link analysis and identity matching powered by our proprietary LexID® technology give you a real-time detailed view of each business, including relationships, connections and associated individuals. You’ll have an unprecedented level of transparency into businesses and their practices. Use what you learn to greatly enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of audits, investigations, collections and inspections.

Multiple Data Sources 
The muscle behind our Business Integrity Solution is the sheer volume of data we process. We tap over 13,000 public records sources to help verify business information and integrate them with over 3.2 billion business records to produce a comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date view unrivaled in the industry.

Visual Analytics Dashboard 
Built-in, easy-to-understand graphic tools make results more meaningful. Our analytics dashboard, available directly within Accurint®, displays logical and insightful representations of data. With a quick glance, you’re able to evaluate businesses within your jurisdiction to help drive actionable decisions and produce results.

Investigative and Audit Views 
Leveraging sophisticated rules-based analytics, Business Integrity Solution allows you to quickly research a business and discover areas of risk, non-compliance or fraudulent behavior. Then filter results and drill down into investigative and audit related data to determine what steps to take next in pursuing a successful outcome.

Gain unprecedented clarity into businesses to augment agency effectiveness

Improve Compliance

Uncover unknown businesses and unravel the complex layers of known businesses to determine ownership and expose risk, non-compliance and fraud.

Increase Collections

Locate debtors quickly and assess ability to pay through knowledge of the business owner’s assets and associates.

Evaluate Risk

Verify business information or vendor integrity in your network and perform business due diligence and background research to evaluate potential risks.

Enhance Agency Data Quality

Correct, update and validate in-agency business records with the largest nationwide repository of business and identity data.

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