C.L.U.E.® Property

Automated loss histories to drive more informed underwriting
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Discover property losses by matching search criteria against personal property claims.

Better qualify applicants, achieve more precise pricing and reduce expenses.


Price with More Precision
Help confirm premium adequacy for the underlying insured risk, based on prior loss history.

Comprehensive Industry Data
Use comprehensive data to gain insights across the country. Mitigate adverse selection.  

Efficient Decision Making
Get immediate, interactive property loss history information so you can make faster underwriting decisions.


Get Detailed Historical Information
Property loss history reports provide granular information on date of loss, cause of loss, amounts paid and much more.

Customize Your Search
Submit specific search criteria to get the property loss history information you need.

Access Robust Data
Access reports based on claims data provided by more than 90% of insurers that write homeowners coverage.

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