Drive Test Scanners to Support Your Device Geolocation Investigations

Improve Efficiency and Save Valuable Time with Rohde & Schwarz Drive Test Scanners
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LexisNexis® Risk Solutions now offers Rohde & Schwarz R&S®TSMA6B Drive Test Scanners

When crimes occur, having the right investigative tools to fully support your agency’s mission is essential.  When device geolocation is involved, the ability to visualize the physical locations and hand-off areas for cellular towers associated with call detail records involved in the investigation is critical. 

Drive Test Scanner Offering

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions now offers Rohde & Schwarz Drive Test Scanners for purchase by government and law enforcement agencies. The Rohde & Schwarz R&S®TSMA6B Drive Test Scanner is an ultracompact scanner capable of measuring all bands and technologies simultaneously.  This is an essential tool for agencies investigating cases involving device geolocation.

Paired with their analysis platform, R&S®NESTOR, users can gain an overview of the available networks and their coverage in an investigation. R&S®NESTOR is also configured with Accurint® TraX™ allowing for fast and efficient interpretations of results from the Drive Test Scanner to be included into call detail record analysis and beyond.   
Drive Test Scanner

Drive Test Scanner Investigative Support

Agencies that purchase a Drive Test Scanner through LexisNexis Risk Solutions are fully supported by the LexisNexis Risk Solutions Special Investigations Unit (SIU).  The SIU is composed of former law enforcement professionals, is uniquely positioned to support your agency’s mission and here to help your agency with onboarding, setup, training, using, and analyzing scan results. This team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) specializes in the use of this technology in criminal investigations.  

What You Get


Scanner hardware will be provided to the agency after purchase.

Device Setup

The SMEs will coordinate with your agency throughout implementation to ensure that the device is properly onboarded and ready for successful deployment.

Analytical Tools

R&S®NESTOR is a Windows-based software used with the R&S®TSMA6B Drive Test Scanner for analyzing information gathered about cellular networks.  

Investigative Services

Twenty (20) hours of professional services are included with the purchase of every scanner through LexisNexis Risk Solutions.  These hours can be used for implementation, support, or drive test consulting.  After the initial twenty (20) hours are utilized, additional services can be obtained on an hourly basis, or as a block, for larger projects.

Pair with Accurint® TraX™

The next evolution of the Accurint® investigative solution suite combines the power of identity data and law enforcement data with call detail record analysis. Accurint® TraX™ allows investigators to quickly conduct pattern of life analysis by placing automated, data enhanced, call detail record analysis at the fingertips of any investigator or analyst.

Accurint TraX saves valuable time by combining identity data and contributory law enforcement data, available through the Accurint® Virtual Crime Center, with device geolocation analysis creating one core product that can be used through an entire law enforcement agency. By integrating diverse resources needed to complete thorough cellular investigations, investigators and analysts can correlate critical investigative data faster to quickly visualize and analyze call detail records and third-party device geolocation information.

When device geolocation is involved, the ability to visualize the physical locations and hand-off areas for cellular towers associated with call details records involved in the investigation is critical.  

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