Electronic Inspection Report

Access public records to better evaluate life insurance risks

LexisNexis® Electronic Inspection Report

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The LexisNexis® Electronic Inspection Report provides life insurance underwriters with    virtually instant access to the public records information they need to help evaluate and minimize risks and speed up the underwriting process by providing a clearer picture of
the proposed insured.

Fast Process_New

Attain virtually
instant access to
public records data,
speeding up the
underwriting process

Insured Profile_New

Receive a more holistic view
of the proposed insured’s
public records to independently
confirm data or uncover
undisclosed risk


Gain access to public
records data in one
streamlined report, saving
both time and money


Acquire the Electronic Inspection Report in either a system-to-system XML
format, or through our
secure online portal

Streamlined Access_New

Take advantage of
streamlined access to a
single point of delivery, requiring less dependence
on IT support and resources

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