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Uncover pertinent details about a business
Relationships and linkages aren’t always clear.

Relationships and linkages aren’t always clear. There may be important business affiliations provided by the applicant. Connections to legal entities may not “look” like businesses, but act like them — such as trusts and charities. Find A Business from LexisNexis helps you find details on a multitude of commercial entities and their “needles in a haystack.”


  • Scours billions of records and returns the best matches (not just exact match) to help you:
    • Confirm details submitted on an application
    • Find additional information on a business (phone, address, alternative contact person and more)
  • Offers extensive coverage on businesses and deeper intelligence about people connected to the business. Draws from:
    • 10,000+ data sources
    • More than 36M business contact records
    • High-value content including franchise data, FEINs and industry classification
    • 280M consumers
  • Exceptional linking capabilities supports “bag-of-words” query model. Listing words out of order/context won’t affect search results.
  • Returns not only the specific results requested, but additional matching information (i.e., multiple versions of company name, multiple addresses, etc.).
  • Also enables you to identify the specific LLC behind the business and any other businesses/franchises held by the same LLC parent. Confirms inactive, insolvent and defunct business status as well.


  • Human-oriented design simplifies complex searches via a user-friendly interface
  • Can be used as a standalone product, or as part of a larger due diligence workflow; for example, attach to the due diligence file to confirm verification of the correct entity
  • Powerful linking yields strong results with as little as one field queried
  • System dynamically populates a list of all matches from the first few keystrokes
  • Flexible search parameters (e.g., search within a specific zip or a radius around an address)
  • Report data elements available via XML

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Due to the nature and origin of public record information, the public records and commercially available data sources used in reports may contain errors.