Foreclosure Discovery

Identify foreclosure activity at any stage in the process

Identify properties in any stage of foreclosure.

LexisNexis® Foreclosure Discovery uses public foreclosure data to help identify foreclosure activity so you can make better inspection decisions.

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Foreclosure Discovery


Reduce Loss Severity
Use foreclosure data to identify homes that may be in foreclosure to help mitigate potential future losses by conducting more targeted inspections.

Mitigate Risk
Proactively manage risk by having up-front knowledge about possible foreclosure activity.

Protect and Grow Your Portfolio
Know about potential foreclosure risk ahead of time for more informed inspection decisions so you can improve loss ratios and profitability across your portfolio.


Identify Foreclosure Properties Faster
Identify properties at any stage in the foreclosure process, using public record information and flag properties at point-of-quote or point-of-underwriting for inspection to mitigate exposure sooner.

Anticipate Actions
Determine when to conduct targeted inspections, based on foreclosure data, to determine insurable interest. Develop follow-up actions based on underwriting guidelines combined with state regulations.