InsurView as a complement to traditional insurance scoring can help you gain a competitive advantage

Get a more holistic view that can help you better assess insurance risk, reduce losses and increase profitability.


Expand Your Risk Assessment
Combine insights derived from InsurView with credit-based scores and attributes to gain a more complete view of a broader range of risk variables beyond traditional scoring.

Increase Volume and Profitability
Segment risk more effectively with the combination of traditional and enhanced public record data that can result in improved volume and profitability.

Gain a Competitive Advantage
Avoid the risk of adverse selection in your target markets by gaining a more holistic view that can help you assess insurance risk faster and more thoroughly.

Improve Incomplete Inputs
Advanced linking technology enables the enhancement of inquiries with information from additional public records data that can help increase hit rates.


Get a More Holistic View of Your Consumer
Using InsurView as a complement to traditional insurance scoring can enhance your ability to more accurately score full file, thin file and no hit records.

Leverage Extensive Public Records Data
Public records-based attributes are governed by the FCRA and include derogatory and non-derogatory public records, address history, asset ownership, post-secondary education and phone service history.

Ensure Regulatory Consideration and Review
A dedicated, experienced team socializes models during development and production with respective state regulatory bodies to address questions and gain feedback. The team is also available during the filing process to assist carriers with regulatory questions related to InsurView.

Timely and Seamless Updates
LexisNexis seamlessly implements programming changes and system upgrades for each data source in a timely fashion.