LexID® for Insurance

Connect and link consumer identity data across the insurance enterprise.
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Build a Single, Comprehensive View of Your Insurance Customer

Customer data fuels your business in our increasingly personalized and digital world. But is that data reliable and complete? How much is outdated? What are the costs to your business?

Effective Customer Data Management is Critical

LexID®, a unique consumer identifier from LexisNexis® Risk Solutions, can help by enabling you to connect, understand and use your existing customer data in more effective ways. It links previously siloed customer records and consolidates matching, relevant customer data into a single profile that’s visible and accessible across your insurance organization.

LexID® allows you to:

  • Clean and normalize your data
  • Link your data for a more comprehensive view of your customer across the enterprise
  • Enhance existing data to create more robust and complete customer profiles

You gain deeper, richer and more accurate insights into the identity, risk characteristics and needs of your customers, which can help you:

  • Offer a better, more personalized customer experience
  • Improve claims processing and fraud referrals
  • Better understand lifetime customer value
  • Reach prospective households more efficiently

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