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Automate Data Cleansing of Your Phone Contact Information

If your business relies on contact data, you know the importance of having accurate phone numbers. Every time your representatives call a wrong number, they’re losing time and increasing your risk of compliance infractions.

LexisNexis® Phone Confidence Indicator can aid you in cleansing your phone data using a simple scoring system. A batch product, it evaluates the strength of an association between a phone number and specified individual and provides a score of 0 (no association) to 5 (strong association). Then you’re able to remove questionable phone numbers and prioritize those with the highest scores. 


Calling wrong numbers negatively impacts employee productivity. Phone Confidence Indicator can automate data cleansing. Speed your workflow when you use it to:

  • Assess the quality of your phone numbers on file 
  • Reduce time-consuming manual methods to clear bad numbers 
  • Minimize costs incurred from calling/texting the wrong person 
  • Improve productivity by prioritizing phone numbers with the highest scores 
  • Reduce the risk of compliance infractions


Phone Confidence can help you identify flawed data, whether due to: 

  • Data entry errors
  • Outdated records
  • Disconnected numbers 
  • Recycled numbers
  • Incorrectly sourced information

Phone Confidence Indicator complements other data hygiene tools to increase efficiency and mitigate compliance risk associated with contacting wrong parties. 

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