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Enhance Your View of Small Business Creditworthiness

Leverage scores for credit decisioning backed by robust alternative and SBFE data.
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LexisNexis® Small Business Credit Score


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Assess and monitor small businesses credit risk

Alternative data helps complete the picture of a small business’s financial health.

Credit risk scoring is typically based on traditional credit data. But how do you determine if a business is creditworthy when that data is limited or non-existent, as is the case with most small and new businesses? If you automatically discount those companies, you could be missing out on some solid opportunities. But if you approve them without the data to back up your decision, you could be taking unnecessary risks.

LexisNexis® Small Business Credit Score combines credit data from the Small Business Financial Exchange, Inc. (SBFE) with alternative data from LexisNexis® Risk Solutions to create a more reliable view of a small business. This unique combination gives you the competitive advantage of actionable risk assessments on many thin-file and no-file small businesses.

extend access

Extend access to credit
for small businesses

customize term

Customize terms to the
individual business

limit risk exposure

Limit risk exposure

Boost returns in your small business

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Expand Exclusivity

Alternative data helps qualify many small businesses that might otherwise be declined.
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Differentiate businesses

Granular data exposes critical differences in financial health between businesses with similar credit bands.
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Support segmentation

Alternative data helps you better segment qualified versus risky businesses compared to business scores built only on commercial credit performance.
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Expand your
addressable market

Assess creditworthiness of many small businesses that have minimal traditional credit information.

Small Business Credit Scores delve into data beyond the traditional financial history to more accurately compute a business’s creditworthiness.

Consider risk throughout the customer life cycle

credit lifecycle

Identify creditworthy small businesses that could be good prospects and might otherwise be overlooked.

Increase approvals and profitability by extending customized offers to qualified small businesses.

Take note of changes in customer risk profiles to spot opportunities for cross-sell or risk mitigation.

Reach out to delinquent consumers to help rehabilitate them and mitigate losses.

Gain insight into a business and its representatives

Small companies are usually a reflection of their authorized representatives. It’s important to consider the financial stability of both the business and their authorized representatives when evaluating creditworthiness. Our Small Business Credit Scores with SBFE Data™ include a business-only score and a blended business score that considers the business’s representatives and their assets, properties, derogatory information and source activity.

SBFE data

SBFE data: 30M small businesses, 100M accounts and 20+ years of historical data since 2001

alternative data

Alternative data: 10,000+ sources of public records, proprietary information and alternative data files

B2B tradeline data

B2B tradeline data: Records of transactions between the business and its vendors

derogatory event

Derogatory events: Any bankruptcies, judgments and liens for the business and its representatives

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Expand your perspective on small business customers

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