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Authenticate a user with a one-time login transaction

LexisNexis® One Time Password is an out-of-band authentication method that provides business and government organizations the ability to have stronger authentication during a high risk, high value transaction with a customer. It offers a time-sensitive, unique random passcode via SMS, text, email or phone and is ideal for companies that are interested in providing a multi-factor authentication solution for their customers. No hardware (electronic fob, etc.) other than the user's existing phone or personal computer is required.


Traditional one-time password measures such as key fobs are not always a practical solution for customer/constituent transactions because of their high cost and tendency for users to misplace them.

As part of our Multi-Factor Authentication solution, LexisNexis® One Time Password provides another layer of authentication for secure user access to high-risk, high-value transactions.

It serves as an effective tool for authenticating customers/constituents during high-risk and/or high-value transactions—without the need for an additional hardware purchase by the customer/constituent. Instead, LexisNexis® One-Time Password offers an alphanumeric code via SMS, text, email and phone, allowing customers/constituents to receive a one-time password on a device they already have in their possession.

With LexisNexis® One-Time Password, you can authenticate users prior to accessing high-risk and/or high-value transactions-a critically important step when enabling a high risk or high value transaction.


LexisNexis® One Time Password is a one-time authentication solution that, when coupled with our identity proofing solutions, provides businesses and government agencies a single source for authenticated enrollment and repeat user authenticated access. This strengthens the binding of the identity and user access processes to provide a single view of the identity.

LexisNexis® One Time Password, as part of our Multi-Factor Authentication solution, provides another layer of authentication for secure user access to high-risk, high-value transactions.

Key Benefits:
  • Single source vendor for multi-factor authentication solutions: Provides identity proofing solutions at identity establishment and one time password for repeat user access.
  • Tokenless: Requires no hardware or software installation for the customer.
  • Ease of use: Provides customers with an easy-to-use web service that provides a one-time code safely and securely.

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