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Identify previously undiscovered consumer assets

Create a new revenue stream on non-performing accounts. LexisNexis Risk Solutions is the exclusive reseller of PAYMETRIX® solutions from Recovery Decision Science®. PAYMETRIX AI® gives you the power to identify previously undiscovered consumer assets. Years of experience and data proves these assets will increase recovery on otherwise exhausted receivable portfolios.


PAYMETRIX AI® is a proprietary asset search model used in pre- or post-litigation collection that:
  • Pinpoints account-level characteristics to segment portfolios and prioritize accounts into litigation and collection treatments
  • Leverages a nationwide litigation network and years of legal collection experience for industry-leading returns
PAYMETRIX® solutions help answer the following questions:
  • What’s the likely profitability of this suit decision?
  • How can I most quickly and easily satisfy this judgment? 
PAYMETRIX® solutions use annually verified assets such as:
  • Employment
  • Property
  • Bank account*

*Only available on accounts that have been awarded judgment


Over 25 years of industry-leading data collection and analysis have gone into creating PAYMETRIX AI®. The model offers the industry two distinct advantages over any other asset identification program:

Enhanced “hit” performance

Many of you have experienced the reality of “verified” hits that are anything but! “Verified” hits look great on the front end, but can be a drain on the back end if they are inaccurate because of wasted time and costs. PAYMETRIX AI® takes the guesswork out of identifying payers by combining two powerful tools:

Information available from proprietary databases
Exclusive partnerships with vendors otherwise unavailable to our industry

Higher liquidation rates

Finding consumers who will pay through an enhanced hit process is only step one. The next step is determining how much they will pay. Through a sophisticated data science approach, we are able to deliver liquidation rates that are 2-3 times higher than those delivered through a typical asset search process.

PAYMETRIX AI® is a groundbreaking process for four reasons:
1. Finds and delivers data others have been unable to locate
2. Guarantees accuracy of data across many sources
3. Transforms that data into actionable information
4. This information leads to meaningful collection results and higher yield

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PAYMETRIX® is a consumer reporting agency product provided by LexisNexis Risk Solutions Bureau LLC and may only be accessed in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 U.S.C. § 1681, et seq. PAYMETRIX®, RAINFALL™ are registered trademarks of Recovery Decision Science, LLC. Recovery Decision Science is a registered trademark of Unifund Portfolio Enhancement LLC.