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Identify undisclosed relationships between individuals and businesses

Reduce exposure to mortgage fraud by uncovering undisclosed relationships.

Understanding interconnections between the people and/or business entities within a transaction can enable your business to identify coordinated origination fraud schemes.
LexisNexis® Relationship Identifier delivers specific intelligence about the relationships between people and businesses to help defend your business from fraud.


Mitigate collusion attempts with magnified relationship perspective
Relationship Identifier creates an easy and affordable way to quickly understand the relationships between 2-8 input entities to protect your business from costly, coordinated fraud schemes. With this tool you can easily identify relationships between 2-8 entities to help your business:

  • Reveal or validate relationships
  • Confirm vendor independence
  • Isolate potential collusion and fraud
  • Expand investigations
  • Strengthen compliance

A succinct report delivers the details on whether entities are interconnected and illustrates how entities are related to enable your business to test for undisclosed relationships and better recognize fraud attempts on the front-end of a transaction, before they impact your portfolio with costly losses.

With stronger insight into the relationships between entities involved in a transaction, you get expanded intelligence to help prevent some of the most common types of origination fraud, including:

  • Short Sale Fraud
  • Builder Bailouts

Relationship Identifier helps you test for potential non-arm’s length transactions and other coordinated fraud schemes as well as identify potentially fraudulent loans within your existing portfolio.


Connect to a stronger source for relationship intelligence
Relationship Identifier utilizes proven LexisNexis linking technology combined with the industry’s most robust public and proprietary data sources to uncover critical relationships between individuals and businesses. Available in Batch, XML and online, Relationship Identifier returns an easy-to-interpret report that categorizes multiple degrees of entity connections and provides the evidence on indicators of a relationship and connection type to support well-informed decisions and help efficiently focus deeper investigations.

Uncover critical associations between the individuals and/or businesses behind a transaction and improve the overall performance of your portfolio with intelligent insight from Relationship Identifier.

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