Revenue Recovery

Collect revenue faster and more efficiently

Start collecting revenue that is owed to your agency faster and more efficiently. 

 LexisNexis® Risk Solutions, a leader in debt recovery solutions offers a comprehensive suite of tools that address the three phases of collections: Segmenting, Locating and Collecting and Monitoring. 

LexisNexis® Revenue Recovery Solution enables you to prioritize your accounts, locate and contact debtors, and monitor for updates to critical account information—so you can stop searching and start collecting.


Identity Contact Resolution

There is currently more than $400 billion in unpaid debt owed to government agencies. 60% of which is considered uncollectable due to outdated debtor identity information. LexisNexis Identity Contact Resolution can help agencies collect more of the debt that is owed by resolving the identity of debtors which results in improved efficiency of collection efforts and increased revenue from old debt, intercept lists and debt offset programs.

Enhance Information and Prioritize Accounts

Knowing more information about your accounts enables you to better prioritize your collection efforts. The top 10% of prioritized accounts typically generates ten times more revenue compared to the bottom 10%. LexisNexis Revenue Recovery Solution provides more complete information on accounts, enabling you to reduce the amount of time and effort spent locating debtors and focusing your efforts for improved resource allocation and profitability.

Locate and Contact Your Hard-to-Find Debtors

On average, 35% of delinquent debtors move annually. Locating and contacting them first improves your probability of quick recovery. LexisNexis Revenue Recovery Solution provides comprehensive and complete information on people, businesses and assets, including cell phone numbers and unpublished phone numbers.

Receive Automatic Proactive Account Alerts

The LexisNexis Revenue Recovery Solution helps save time spent checking for updated information on your accounts. You may have a regulatory responsibility to monitor for information and LexisNexis Revenue Recovery Solution helps to fulfill that mandate. Depending on the lifecycle of your collection process, this solution can provide monitoring for extended periods of time.

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Locate debtors

Research has shown that as many as 35% of delinquent debtors move each year. The up-to-date, comprehensive Accurint® databases will help you find them quickly. This powerful tool returns current addresses, unpublished telephone numbers, and even work and business locations.

Shorten the collection cycle

LexisNexis Revenue Recovery Solution helps collectors locate debtors quickly and easily, thereby improving debt collection and enhancing operational efficiency. Quick and accurate account ranking Comprehensive public and proprietary databases guarantee the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Actionable account information

The LexisNexis Revenue Recovery Solution helps increase your debt recovery rates by allowing you to apply your resources to those accounts that matter most.

Key Debtor Indicators isolate and flag accounts that require special handling

  • Bankrupt
  • Deceased
  • Criminal Records
  • Litigious Debtors
  • Suspicious Identity

Account Monitoring

The Account Monitoring feature integrates seamlessly with your current batch application, so you automatically receive daily updates on telephone numbers, addresses and emergence from bankruptcy directly from the source, rather than from “self-reporting” data. No need to resubmit accounts or whole portfolios.

Telephone Numbers and/or Addresses

You get what you request, as you tap into multiple telephone sources and multiple person locator directories. Select a single “best” phone number or an extensive waterfall process that will return one or multiple phone numbers and addresses to locate your debtor.

Our Revenue Recovery Solution Consultants understand your agency

Dedicated LexisNexis® Revenue Recovery Solution Consultants are specialists in the collections processes, so you’re assured of solutions best suited to fit your agency’s needs. From custom solution development through implementation and beyond, your solution consultant is at your side. And knowing you have the right party contact information–right out of the gate–instills confidence in dialing, mailing and alternative contact strategies.

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