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LexisNexis® Smart Selection

Better identify and segment the property risks on your books that require a higher probability of underwriting action using predictive insights from proprietary data sources.

LexisNexis® Smart Selection is an automated data service that delivers inspection flags and configurable business rules to help home insurance underwriters gain a comprehensive and data-driven view of risk at both new business and renewal. It can be used in conjunction with LexisNexis® Flyreel® to help streamline and expedite decision making, expand your view of the risk, customize coverage and improve underwriting return on investment.

With LexisNexis® Smart Selection you can:

  • Reduce costs by narrowing property inspection and underwriting action
  • Configure property selection criteria, data capture workflows and even the hazards/risks that get flagged for underwriting review
  • Help inform decision-making and underwriting processes with strategic insights about inspection quality and turnaround times
  • Determine ongoing risks across your book to pinpoint existing policies that require review
  • Help increase consumer engagement throughout the policy lifecycle with context driven insights that help customize coverage and promote retention


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